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mkdd track editor
Creator: Yoshi2
Version: 1.4.0
Platform: Windows, Linux
Software Type: File Editor
Filetypes: BOL
Download: Github


MKDD Track Editor is a tool created by Yoshi2 which can edit all parts of the .bol file, which defines object placement, checkpoints, CPU paths and more.

Running the mkdd track editor on Linux

Installing required dependencies (may not be necessary based on what you have already installed):

pip3 install pyqt5
pip3 install pyopengl
pip3 install numpy
sudo apt-get install python3-pyqt5.qtopengl

Running the program (in the folder of the editor):

python3 ./


Check the README of the tool for information on how to install and use it.

The menu bar at the top shows various operations and settings of the program.

  • "File" allows the loading and saving of files. Loading a .bol file can be done by File -> Load or Control + O. Saving a .bol file can be done by File -> Save or Control + S.
  • "Filter View" allows the user to toggle the visibility and selectabililty of various .bol elements on/off in the main workspace
  • Geometry allows the user to load a 3d model into the main workspace (middle)
  • Minimap defines various elements that deal with minimaps
  • Misc handles other various settings such as the view. Ctrl + 1 changes the view to a top-down view. Ctrl + 2 changes the view to a 3d view.

The tree bar on the left shows the various .bol elements.

  • Individual elements or groups of elements can be selected.

Viewport and Viewport Controls Controls

  • Ctrl + 1 changes the view to a top-down view. Ctrl + 2 changes the view to a 3d view. This is also accessed in the Misc menu.
  • WASD pans the camera. QE pans the camera along the Y-axis (up and down).
  • Scroll wheel up zooms in, scroll wheel down zooms out
  • A single element can be selected by clicking on it. Elements can be selected by holding the main click down and dragging. With anything selected, arrows for translation and circles for rotation will appear.

The right bar shows various properties for the elements.

  • Only shows up when one element is selected
  • The settings change for each element
  • The "Add Object" button allows for new elements to be created.
  • The "Remove Object(s)" button will delete the selected elements
  • The "Ground Object(s)" button will adjust the Y-value of each selected object to match that of the closest triangle in the loaded 3d model.

Under Misc, there is the option to "Check for Common Mistakes." It is advised that inexperienced modders check this before saving/testing.


The editor can visualize the visual model (.bmd) or the collision (.bco) of the race track. It has a top-down view and a 3D view. Items can be selected, moved and rotated in the rendered view. Hardcoded minimap settings can be loaded or patched in with the editor or exported as .json for use in a custom track zip for the MKDD Track Patcher.