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This is a list of Custom Characters and Karts for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. A Custom Character is a character with a model or texture that was not created by Nintendo as part of the original game, while a Custom Vehicle can refer to a changed vehicle. Some downloads contain a combination of a changed character and a changed vehicle, or even a changed item.



Title Replaces Author
Baby Daisy Baby Luigi tarsa129
Baby Peach Baby Mario tarsa129
Baby Waluigi Baby Luigi Crow8028
Black Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Crow8028
Blue Paratroopa Patatroopa Crow8028
Blue Toad Toad Crow8028
Diaper Baby Mario Baby Mario Crow8028
Draco Bowser Jr. LuvrosIV
Dry Bones Koopa tarsa129
Dry Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. Insidious_NX, tarsa129
Funky Kong Goomba Toad tarsa129
Gold Koopa Koopa Crow8028
Goomba Toad tarsa129
Lemres Diddy Kong LuvrosIV
Little Brother Blaze Toad Marianne8559
Kirby Toadette Noahkirb
Maid Toadette Toadette tarsa129, Yoshi2, OrdArtz
Noahkirby Toad Noahkirb
Phantom Hourglass Postman Paratroopa tarsa129
Sailor Koopa Koopa ThijsFire
Spirit Tracks Postman Koopa tarsa129
Purple Toadette Toadette Crow8028
Shadow Mario Bowser Jr. Crow8028
Sister Alleis Toadette Marianne8559
Toadsworth Toad tarsa129


Title Replaces Author
Amitie Birdo LuvrosIV
Arle Mario LuvrosIV
Blue Yoshi Yoshi Crow8028
Bride Peach Peach Crow8028
Bus Driver Waluigi Waluigi Crow8028
Factory Island Daisy G-Force, tarsa129
Garfield Mario PiPPiN, tarsa129
Gooigi Luigi Crow8028
HoliDaisy Daisy Crow8028
Isabelle Birdo LuvrosIV
Malon Daisy LuvrosIV
Metal Mario Mario Crow8028
N64 Luigi Luigi Cherry
N64 Mario Mario Cherry
The Postal Dude Waluigi Joker03gam3r
Quagsire Mario XanderKartWii
Rainbow Yoshi Yoshi Crow8028
Ringo Luigi LuvrosIV
Robo Luigi Luigi ThijsFire
Robo Mario Mario ThijsFire
Rosalina Daisy tarsa129
Sig Yoshi LuvrosIV
SM64 Luigi Luigi NGT
SM64 Mario Mario NGT
Tom Nook Yoshi LuvrosIV
Yellow Birdo Birdo Crow8028
Zelda Daisy AuzzPanda


Title Replaces Author
Bull Wario Wario Crow8028
Dark Lava Bowser Bowser Crow8028
Feli Donkey Kong LuvrosIV
Homie Bowser Bowser Whipinsnapper
King Bob-omb Petey Piranha Insidious_NX
King Boo M King Boo Vodquik
Pink Boo King Boo Crow8028
Putrid Petey Petey Piranha Crow8028
Satan Bowser LuvrosIV
Shrek Donkey Kong PiPPiN
White DK Donkey Kong Crow8028



Title Replaces Author
Bowser Jr.'s Crafty Barrel Train Barrel Train tarsa129
Bull's-Eye Banzai Bullet Blaster Bruh de la Boi
Maid Toadette's Barrel Train Barrel Train tarsa129
Sleigh Barrel Train Barrel Train tarsa129
Standard MR Toad Kart New Super Bowser World DX
Thomas the Barrel Train Barrel Train tarsa129
Landship Rattle Buggy M64
Bolt Buggy Koopa Dasher M64


Title Replaces Author
Birthday Girl Turbo Birdo M64
Bumble V Bloom Coach ThijsFire
Minecart Yoshi Turbo Yoshi ThijsFire
Toad Kart (Red Fire Swap) Red Fire ThijsFire
Toadette Kart (Green Fire Swap) Green Fire ThijsFire
Warthog Turbo Yoshi Sir LoLz


Title Replaces Author
The Deadinator Wario Car ThijsFire

Character Packs

Title Replaces Author
Character Texture Pack By Crow8028 All Crow8028
Puyo Pack Various LuvrosIV