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There are many different types of mods you can make for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. This page will help you differentiate between them.


Track / Battle Character Kart Misc
Custom Created by you or your team
Retro Any content from games within the Mario Kart series
Import Any content from other games not native to the Mario Kart series.
Texture Any mod that changes only the textures
Edit Any other modifications of existing content


Tracks / Battle Arenas:

Track Lists
Texture Hacks / Edits

Each different type of track has its own page, which can be found on the right. Here are the details between the different types of track mods.

  • A Custom Track is a course does not appear in any other game, be it Nintendo made or not. They are composed mainly of elements that the creators themselves have made, although pre-made elements can be used.
    • For example, a custom track can take objects and course decorations from another game, but the main designing of the track is still custom.
  • A Retro Track is a course that has been ported from another Mario Kart game, be it released before or after Double Dash!!.
  • An Imported Track is a course / model that has been ported from any game outside of the Mario Kart franchise.
  • A Texture Hacked Track is a course that has had its textures - and only its textures - changed from vanilla.
  • A Track Edit is a course that has been modified from vanilla in other ways than just textures, but is still not a custom track.
    • For example, collision edits or object model edits would be a track edit.

Characters (/ Karts / Items):

All non-vanilla characters are listed on the same page. In practice, all non-vanilla characters (except for texture hacks) are all referred to as "custom characters". If an incorrect classification for a character is used on a character's content page, it will be quietly changed by a moderator.

  • A Custom Character is any character who has not appeared any other game upon time of release or that has a unique model.
  • A Retro Character is any character who has appeared as playable in another Mario Kart game upon time of release.
  • An Imported Character is any character who has appeared in a non-Mario Kart game upon time of release or has a reused model.
  • A Texture Hacked Character is any character whose model is vanilla to Double Dash!!, but has had its textures changed.
    • All texture hacked characters must indicate that they are so on their own page.
  • A Character Edit is a model edit and/or texture edit of an existing model.

Because karts are closely linked with characters, they are listed on the same page as characters.


Distributions are any large set of mods that are meant to be released and played together. They may contain any sort of mix of individual mods described above.


  • A gecko code is one or more lines of custom code that modify game code or memory.
  • A code patch are codes that are applied directly to a dol via a program such as the MKDD Track Patcher.