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This article describes the /AudioRes/Stream directory of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! DVD (NTSC-U release).


This folder holds the streamed music in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, which includes course background music.


Filename Size (Bytes) Description
BATTLE2_0.x.32.c4.ast 3,268,032 Shine Thief background music at start
BATTLE3_0.x.32.c4.ast 3,595,968 Shine Thief background music when Shine has been lost
BATTLE_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,393,696 Balloon Battle / Bob-omb Battle background music and music when Shine has been retrieved
COMMENDATION2_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,669,504 Award scene background music - no trophy
COMMENDATION_0.x.32.c4.ast 7,632,416 Award scene background music - trophy
COURSE_BABY_0.x.32.c4.ast 13,193,600 Baby Park main course background music
COURSE_BEACH_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,153,440 Peach Beach and Daisy Cruiser main course background music
COURSE_CASTLE_0.x.32.c4.ast 10,969,120 Bowser's Castle and Luigi's Mansion main course background music
COURSE_CIRCUIT_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,748,512 Luigi Circuit, Mario Circuit, and Yoshi Circuit main course background music
COURSE_DESERT_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,950,624 Dry Dry Desert main course background music
COURSE_HIWAY_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,281,344 Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City main course background music
COURSE_JUNGLE_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,206,272 DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle main course background music
COURSE_RAINBOW_0.x.32.c4.ast 10,396,832 Rainbow Road main course background music
COURSE_SNOW_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,252,768 Sherbet Land main course background music
COURSE_STADIUM_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,078,816 Waluigi Stadium and Wario Colosseum main course background music
ENDING_0.x.32.c4.ast 21,418,976 Staff Credit background music
FINALLAP_BABY_0.x.32.c4.ast 11,823,264 Baby Park final lap background music
FINALLAP_BEACH_0.x.32.c4.ast 7,382,240 Peach Beach and Daisy Cruiser final lap background music
FINALLAP_CASTLE_0.x.32.c4.ast 9,010,592 Bowser's Castle final lap background music
FINALLAP_CIRCUIT_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,819,392 Luigi Circuit, Mario Circuit, and Yoshi Circuit final lap background music
FINALLAP_DESERT_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,098,688 Dry Dry Desert final lap background music
FINALLAP_HIWAY_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,190,112 Mushroom Bridge and Mushroom City final lap background music
FINALLAP_JUNGLE_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,034,336 DK Mountain and Dino Dino Jungle final lap background music
FINALLAP_RAINBOW_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,867,616 Rainbow Road final lap background music
FINALLAP_SNOW_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,903,840 Sherbet Land final lap background music
FINALLAP_STADIUM_0.x.32.c4.ast 8,170,368 Waluigi Stadium and Wario Colosseum final lap background music
GOAL1F_0.x.32.c4.ast 843,680 1st place fanfare - used in LAN mode
GOAL1_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,394,144 Goal - 1st place and new Time Trial record with new lap record
GOAL2F_0.x.32.c4.ast 598,784 2nd and 3rd place fanfare - used in LAN mode
GOAL2_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,131,104 Goal - 2nd and 3rd place
GOAL3F_0.x.32.c4.ast 905,312 4th to 8th place fanfare - used in LAN mode
GOAL3_0.x.32.c4.ast 7,622,816 Goal - 4th to 8th place
GOAL4_0.x.32.c4.ast 5,206,720 End of Battle Mode
GOAL5_0.x.32.c4.ast 6,905,824 Time trial goal - no new record
GOAL6_0.x.32.c4.ast 5,165,440 Time trial goal new track record but not new lap record
GURAGURA_MARIO_0.x.32.c4.ast 13,398,176 Tilt-a-Kart background music
SPECIAL_0.x.32.c4.ast 3,910,080 Unlocking something background music