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This folder holds various files and animations relating to King Boo. There are .btp files for the facial animations, .bca files for the bone animations, and .bmd files for the models themselves.


Filename Size (Bytes) Description
all_juggle_a.bca 1,572 Item juggling animation
all_speak.bca 1,240
a_damage.btp 160 Frontseat damaged facial animation
b_damage_a.btp 256 Backseat damaged no item facial animation
b_damage_b.btp 224 Backseat damaged with item facial animation
b_fire.btp 224 Backseat Fire effect facial animation
b_tandem_al.bca 3,972 Backseat front facing no item left drift animation
b_tandem_ar.bca 3,972 Backseat front facing no item right drift animation
b_tandem_as.bca 4,100 Backseat front facing no item shifting animation
b_tandem_bl.bca 3,972 Backseat front facing with item left drift animation
b_tandem_br.bca 3,972 Backseat front facing with item right drift animation
b_tandem_bs.bca 4,260 Backseat front facing with item shifting animation
c_tandem_bl.bca 3,940 Backseat back facing left drift animation
c_tandem_br.bca 3,940 Backseat back facing right drift animation
c_tandem_bs.bca 4,196 Backseat back facing shifting animation
driver.bmd 45,696 King Boo's main model
driver_200.bmd 13,728 King Boo's LOD model
e_1st_b.btp 288 Immediate post-race backseat 1st place facial animation
e_bad_a.btp 224 Immediate post-race frontseat losing facial animation
e_bad_b1.btp 192 Immediate post-race backseat losing facial animation
e_bad_b2.btp 224
e_good_a.btp 224 Immediate post-race frontseat winning facial animation
e_good_b.btp 288 Immediate post-race backseat winning facial animation
flicker.bca 452
flicker.btk 352
shine.bmd 6,464 Background glow model
wink.btp 128 Normal winking / waiting facial animation