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Profile Pic: Whipinsnapper Petey Profile.jpg
Favorite Mario Kart Tracks: DK Summit, Sunshine Airport, Mount Wario
YouTube Channel: Whipinsnapper
Discord: Whipinsnapper#9691


Hey, I'm Whipinsnapper! I'm a long-time MKWii player and have been making mods for a couple months now. My main forte has mostly been custom character mods, but recently I have been trying out custom track creation and will probably focus on that for a while. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload content about my mods.

Please credit me when using my mods! If you use them in a video, just go ahead and mention my name and stick a link in the description. If you wanna use something in a pack or distribution, I'd appreciate an email or some kind of message beforehand as well as credit in some form.

By the same author: Whipinsnapper

Custom Characters:
Character Textures:
Baby WarioHomie Bowser