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Minimap Creation

The BTI file format as an anime girl



Minimaps are less subjective than the previous steps, so stricter advice can be given.

  • Each minimap image has the dimensions of 128px in length, 256px in height.
  • Course minimaps are in grayscale, while battle minimaps are colored. However, a course can load a colored minimap.
    • Colored minimaps for courses are often difficult to see (defeating their purpose) and, whenever implemented so far, they have looked plain bad. Don't color your course minimap.
  • The transparency of the minimap is applied by the game. Minimap images are expected to be appropriately anti-aliased.
    • Stock course minimaps use the IA4 image format.
    • Stock battle minimaps use the RGB5A3 image format.
  • Cannons and notable areas of offroad (such as the pit in Dry Dry Desert) are usually indicated in gray.

Creating a mimimap image in Blender

  1. Trace over the road collision mesh/object with a Nurbs curve.
  2. Solidify the curve by going to the “Modifier” section and adding a “Solidify” modifier. The thickness of the Solidify modifier will determine how thick the outline will be.
  3. The outline is a faux outline in which the solidified curve is duplicated, and further thickened and extruded less.

Creating a minimap image using the MKDD Track Editor

  • Load the .bco file via Geometry > Load BCO.
  • In the Minimap top-bar menu, select Minimap Generator:

MKDD Track Editor - Minimap Generator.png

  • Adjust settings as desired; orientation, margin, and outline are the most important settings.
  • Using the Save button on the bottom right, save the image as BTI, and save the data to JSON.

Changing game Minimap positions

  1. In the MKDD Track Editor, Minimap -> Load Minimap Image, also, load the .bco
  2. Move the corners so that the .bco/.bmd and the image line up
  3. Minimap -> Save data to JSON. This will create a file that can be shared to others who want to play the course.
  4. Minimap -> Save data to .dol. Then, choose the .dol that will affect your gameplay. This will edit the actual .dol so that the minimap works in-game.