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This section will go over how to make your track compatible with the MKDD Track Patcher by Yoshi2.

Patcher-related File Formats
File Format Description Tool
.ini Patcher information file Any text editor (like Notepad++)
.zip Archive file mkdd rename release files by tarsa129

Step 9: Make the INI


  • Any text editor

At this point, make a folder for your release mod. Then, make a file named "trackinfo.ini" and put it in that folder.
This is the outline for a valid .ini file

author = 
trackname = 
replaces = 
replaces_music = 
main_language =

Fill in information after each "=". The "author" and "trackname" parameters do not have any effect on program execution, aside from what is written to the console log during patcher execution. The "replaces" and "replaces_music" parameters should both specify the same course. The "main_language" parameter specifies which is the default language for images files.

Step 10: ZIP Creation


See the usage section for the mkdd rename release files for more information on folder setup. Once the folder is set up correctly, it can be dragged onto A .zip file with the same name as the folder will be created.

Getting it out There

Step 11: Uploading to the Wiki

See Make a Custom Track Page for information on how to make a non-vanilla track page on the wiki. Then, update the appropriate page (List of Custom Tracks, List of Retro Tracks, List of Imported Tracks, etc.) with the new course.

Step 12: Adding to the CT Leaderboards

If you want, your course can be added to the CT Leaderboards so that people can see how good they are on your track compared to other. Check out the list of rules here. Contact tarsa on discord at tarsa#8462 to add your CT to the leaderboards.