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This article describes the /Course directory of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! DVD (NTSC-U release).


This folder contains each course .arc file. The L is thought to stand for "low-poly", as in the L-version of the .arc, the course .bmd has fewer polygons. The L-version files have smaller sizes because of this.

The following rules are used to load the course files:

  • For offline race courses, the regular .arc stage file is loaded when the game displays one viewport and the L.arc stage file is intended for multiple viewports.
  • For offline battle stages, the regular stage file is always loaded.
  • For LAN mode, the L stage is always loaded for races and battles.
  • The award ceremony and the ending sequence load the regular stage file.

The function ResMgr::loadCourseData is called with a CourseOrder enum parameter, where 1 loads L variant and 2 loads the regular variant.


Filename Size (Bytes) Description
Award.arc 2464244 Award scene files
AwardL.arc 2459936 Award scene files - Unused Multi-screen variant
BabyLuigi.arc 1410048 Baby Park single screen course files
BabyLuigiL.arc 1410048 Baby Park multi-screen course files
Daisy.arc 2223904 Daisy Cruiser single screen course files
DaisyL.arc 1935168 Daisy Cruiser multi-screen course files
Desert.arc 2353120 Dry Dry Desert single screen course files
DesertL.arc 1891072 Dry Dry Desert multi-screen course files
Diddy.arc 2407136 Dino Dino Jungle single screen course files
DiddyL.arc 2254784 Dino Dino Jungle multi-screen course files
Donkey.arc 1910208 DK Mountain single screen course files
DonkeyL.arc 1826592 DK Mountain multi-screen course files
Ending.arc 1356544 Staff roll files
EndingL.arc 1355776 Staff roll files - Unused Multi-screen variant
Koopa.arc 1231456 Bowser's Castle single screen course files
KoopaL.arc 1084256 Bowser's Castle multi-screen course files
Luigi.arc 2203264 Luigi Circuit 50cc single screen course files
Luigi2.arc 2213216 Luigi Circuit single screen course files
Luigi2L.arc 1514880 Luigi Circuit multi-screen course files
LuigiL.arc 1506528 Luigi Circuit 50cc multi-screen course files
Mario.arc 2505536 Mario Circuit single screen course files
MarioL.arc 1928832 Mario Circuit multi-screen course files
Mini1.arc 1348192 Luigi's Mansion offline course files
Mini1L.arc 900992 Luigi's Mansion LAN mode course files
Mini2.arc 1457952 Nintendo Gamecube offline course files
Mini2L.arc 1457952 Nintendo Gamecube LAN mode course files
Mini3.arc 576448 Block City offline course files
Mini3L.arc 576448 Block City LAN mode course files
Mini5.arc 527648 Tilt-a-Kart offline course files
Mini5L.arc 527648 Tilt-a-Kart LAN mode course files
Mini7.arc 652992 Cookie Land offline course files
Mini7L.arc 652992 Cookie Land LAN mode course files
Mini8.arc 856096 Pipe Plaza offline course files
Mini8L.arc 856096 Pipe Plaza LAN mode course files
Nokonoko.arc 2206400 Mushroom Bridge single screen course files
NokonokoL.arc 1960896 Mushroom Bridge multi-screen course files
Patapata.arc 2282496 Mushroom City single screen course files
PatapataL.arc 2163456 Mushroom City multi-screen course files
Peach.arc 2109888 Peach Beach single screen course files
PeachL.arc 1952928 Peach Beach multi-screen course files
Rainbow.arc 2266720 Rainbow Road single screen course files
RainbowL.arc 1802624 Rainbow Road multi-screen course files
Snow.arc 1388032 Sherbet Land single screen course files
SnowL.arc 1325376 Sherbet Land multi-screen course files
Waluigi.arc 1382376 Waluigi Stadium single screen course files
WaluigiL.arc 1170272 Waluigi Stadium multi-screen course files
Wario.arc 1293632 Wario Colosseum single screen course files
WarioL.arc 1210016 Wario Colosseum multi-screen course files
Yoshi.arc 1370176 Yoshi Circuit single screen course files
YoshiL.arc 1314560 Yoshi Circuit multi-screen course files