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Naming A Page

To name your Custom Character page properly, there are some guidelines set to keep an organized system. (If you've used the MKWiiki, you'll already know these standards.)

Custom characters' pages only need to be named after the custom character. For example, a page containing the custom character Funky Kong would just be named
Funky Kong.

Character textures' pages need to be named as follows: Character Name (Original Character Texture). For example, a page containing a Bowser texture called Homie Bowser would be named Homie Bowser (Bowser Texture).

Creating a Page

To create your custom character page, use the search bar and search for your page name. (Spelling and capitalization count!) If the page doesn't already exist, you should see a prompt saying "Create the page (your page) on this wiki!" Go ahead and hit the link, and then type this in:


Once that's typed in, hit save, then edit and follow the steps given!

Linking Your Page

There are 3 places you'll need to link your page in order to keep it organized and findable: