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This is a list of all gecko codes made for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

A list of AR Codes can be found at the various links:

Gecko Codes List

Long Gecko Codes (>8 lines) should have their own pages. Shorter ones should not.

Title Author Description Code (NTSC-U) Code (PAL) Code (NTSC-J) Code (Other Region)
3 and 4 Karts in Grand Prix AdolescentSeagull Allows 3 and 4 player-controlled karts to compete in the Grand Prix. JSitor JSitor JSitor -
Balloon Modifier AdolescentSeagull Changes starting and max number of balloons for each kart in Balloon Battle. Ranges from 1 to 8. JSitor JSitor JSitor -
Character and Kart Randomiser AdolescentSeagull Randomises Characters and Karts before choosing a mode and in between Grand Prix, for up to 4 human players. Pastebin Pastebin Pastebin Pastebin (Debug)
Skip Lakitu Countdown AdolescentSeagull Skip countdown at the beginning of every race and battle. Pastebin Pastebin Pastebin Pastebin (Debug)
Boot straight into stage AdolescentSeagull Game boots straight into a stage without any button interaction needed. JSitor - - -
Force Low Quality Item Boxes AdolescentSeagull Force low quality item boxes for all modes. [1] [2] [3] [4] (Debug)
Disable Attract Mode UnclePunch Disable video demo while idle at title screen

0412dab0 4800012c

- - -
Disable Memcard Nag UnclePunch Disable memory card popups

041d3a44 60000000
0412dc6c 60000000

- - -
Skip To Title Screen v1.0 UnclePunch Skip logos and Lakitu intro at start

041b0d58 38000003
041b10ac 60000000

041afbe8 38000003
041aff3c 60000000

041b0d58 38000003
041b10ac 60000000

Unlock Everything UnclePunch YetAnotherUnlocker but still usefull

043bc1c0 FFFFFFFF
043bc1c4 FFFFFFFF

- - -
Z-Tech tarsa129 Boost when Z is pressed

C22BD854 00000003
807C00F0 3C00802A
6000D2F0 7C0903A6
4E800421 00000000

- - -
Show the Exception Handler without controller combination AdolescentSeagull This automatically shows the Exception Handler (screen which shows register values and stack backtrace) without the need of a button combination like the Debug version of the game. Useful for when testing/developing new mods/hacks.

041d0a00 480000a8

041d0a2c 480000a8

041d0a00 480000a8

Change course's lap count AdolescentSeagull This changes how many laps a course has. Replace X with the lap number. Recommended to only set this between 1 and 9. Setting it to 0 will do nothing. 023cb7ec 0000000X 023d562c 0000000X 023e5e0c 0000000X -
Disable Demo Timer AdolescentSeagull This disables the timer that exists in the North American and European Interactive Multi-Game Demo Discs, as well as the Japanese Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo Disc.

041c4c54 4800000c

041c3a30 4800000c

041c5330 4800000c

Characters play end-of-race animation forever AdolescentSeagull Usually Characters stop doing their end-of-race animation after 13 seconds at the end of Grand Prix or a Versus match, this code lets them play the animation forever.

042d6730 60000000

042d66a4 60000000

042d6758 60000000

043143b4 60000000

Code Patches List

All code patches should have their own page.

Title Author Date of Latest Version
Character and Kart Randomiser AdolescentSeagull 2023-04-17