Lunaboy's RARC Tools

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Lunaboy's RARC Tools
Creator: Lunaboy
Platform: Windows
Software Type: File Explorer, File Converter
Filetypes: .arc
Download: ROMhacking


Lunaboy's RARC Tools, specifically ArcPack / ArcExtract is a tool created by Lunaboy. It is used to extract / pack .arc files.


To use ArcExtract: Drag the .arc onto ArcExtract.exe. The internal subdirectories and files will be extracted directory of the .arc file.
To use ArcPack: Drag a folder onto ArcPack.exe. The folder will be packed up as an .arc.


ArcTools is a tool made by Anthe that provides a GUI for ArcPack / ArcExtract. You can download it here. This version is not recommended because it uses an old version of ArcPack that only allows for a filesystem depth of two.