Published Works Policy

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  • All content on this wiki must be free to download without any restriction.
    • Discord is not allowed as a file hosting platform for download links.
  • In-progress content is allowed to be listed on the wiki. It does not count as "released" for the sake of pages that list released content.
  • If a mod is not compatible with the MKDD Track Patcher, it may be posted, BUT it must be listed as such on its page.
  • If a mod can only run with a certain AR code / on a certain region / has any other restrictions, the necessary restrictions should be listed on its page.
  • Users are allowed to ask for takedowns of their own works from the wiki at any time. To take down a page, please ask a moderator, and it will be done.


  • This wiki is committed to having authors have as much control over their mods as possible. This means that permission must be obtained to do stuff with an author's work in cases like updates, distribution inclusions, and asset usage.
  • All posted content is the property of its respective creators, including, but not limited to, textures, models, layout and design. Mario Kart is created by Nintendo. We are in no way affiliated with Nintendo or its associates.
  • Only a creator(s), or someone with the permission of the creator(s), may post content regarding the specific creation.
    • Any tool/software that is made publicly available by its creator may be added. However, at the request of the creator, tool pages will be taken down.
  • An author can grant permissions for usage of their mods/content/assets in several ways, including on their userpage, on a mod's content page, or through any other means that can be verified by an admin.
  • Without proper permission, download links to mods violating this policy will be deleted.


  • Updates to mods on this wiki should not be posted without the original creators’ permission.


  • "Distributions" is defined as a large set of mods intended to be released and played together.
    • It is highly encouraged that this term be used sparingly - only a distribution with many changes should be given this title.
    • This exact definition is subject to change, and old distributions may or may not be grandfathered in.
  • Content should not be added to a distribution without the original creators’ permission. This includes getting permission for making any distribution-specific edits, including changing the name of the content itself.
  • Content created for a specific distribution does not need its own content page.

Using 3rd Party Content

  • All models / components that are part of a published game can be used freely, but it is required to state the original game. If an asset was obtained from a specific website, that website must be linked in the mod's page if possible.
  • Usage of other models / components / assets created by a third party that are not part of a published game must be used with permission as defined above.

Specific Cases

  • Texture Hack Policy
    • Mods that are entirely made up of Dolphin Emulator texture hack files may be posted to this wiki (circumventing the rule above). They must be named correctly such that they accurately replace the intended textures during gameplay. If Dolphin texture hacks are made for a particular mod, that must be listed on the page.
    • All mods that are purely texture hacks (via through Dolphin or otherwise) must be named "<mod name> (<Thing it is editing> Texture)". A similar naming convention should be adopted for Edits and Swaps of all kinds. All mods that go beyond purely texture changes (mods that cannot be replicated by Dolphin texture loading) are edits.
  • Custom Character Voices Policy
    • Due to the way that the MKDD Track Patcher handles character voice files, any download link to a character that contains custom voices must declare it as such.
    • Having separate downloads for non-vanilla characters with and without the custom voices is strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Software
    • All fan-made code/tools/software linked to on the wiki must be open source. This includes modding software, extensive game code changes, and anything that could cause harm to a user's computer or console. "Fan-made" is defined as something not developed by a reputable organization. If a tool has its own page on the wiki, the source code must be linked to directly on that content page. Else, the external link must link to a page from which the source code can easily be found (e.g., a link to a repository like page or a website with a repository link).