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Creator: Gamma, fork by Yoshi2
Version: v2.1.0
Platform: Windows
Software Type: File Converter
Filetypes: BMD
Download: GitHub


SuperBMD is a tool used to extract and rebuild BMD files. A tutorial for this software can be found at the article Using SuperBMD.


Conversion: .bmd -> .dae

The basic usage of SuperBMD is to drag n drop the desired model onto SuperBMD.exe. In the .bmd to .dae conversion, it will dump a .dae file, the textures (including mipmaps), and material and texture data .json files in the same directory as the original .bmd file. Usually, this .dae file is then imported into a CAD software such as 3ds Max. If using the command line, use the instruction

SuperBMD.exe <input file name> <output path (optional)>

Conversion: not .bmd -> .bmd

The basic usage of SuperBMD in this direction is to drag n drop the model onto SuperBMD.exe, and a .bmd of the same name will appear in the directory of the original file.

Custom Materials / Texture Data

To have custom materials, you must specify a material .json file and texheader .json data files. These files take the format of the material and texture data .json files from .bmd -> .dae conversion. The command line instruction

SuperBMD.exe <input model> <output path (optional)> <final model name (optional)> --mat material_data.json --texheader texture_data.json

The material in common with the input model will be loaded into the .bmd, and all textures specified in the texheader file will also be loaded into the bmd

Additional Features

  • --rotate, which rotates the model poster-like for conversion from not .bmd -> .bmd conversion.
  • Reading / dumping mipmaps
    • Each image with mipmaps must have dimensions that are a power of 2. Each successive mipmap must be a quarter the size of the next larger one.
    • The base image should be named normally, and each successive mipmap should be named <base name>_mip#, with the # starting a 1 for the first mipmap.

A full list of features can be found in the README for SuperBMD.