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The .ght file is the staff ghost. It defines the inputs that the staff ghost will do when it is enabled.

To make a staff ghost file, first make a regular ghost file

  1. Boot up the game without any gameplay modifying mods / ar codes. This includes anything that affects the collision, any edits to kart stats, or any speedup ar codes, and more.
  2. Turn on ghosts in the Options menu, and then play a course to completion and save the ghost.
  3. Get the .gci file of the ghost, either by looking into the Dolphin folders or extracting it from a .raw using Dolphin’s memory card manager.
  4. Every time the collision is edited, a staff ghost may have to be remade.

Then, edit the .gci file to make it staff ghost compatible.

  • One method is to use gci2ght by tarsa129. Simply drag the .gci onto the .py file, and an appropriately named .ght will be made.

Another method is to do it manually

  • Open the .gci file in a hex editor, like HxD.
  • Scroll down to offset 0x1480, and delete everything before that. The first 16 bytes of the modified file should have your time trial tag.
    • If, at offset 0x1440, the file does not have the text "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!", then the wrong .gci file was opened. Most likely, the main .gci file was opened as opposed to the ghost .gci file.
    • You could also delete the last four bytes (the checksum for the .gci) but it is not necessary.
    • Do not edit anything else - they will / could mess up the staff ghost
  • Save the resulting file as <coursearcname>.ght. The resulting .ght file should be 35 kb.

Testing the staff ghost:
One can test the staff ghost by putting into game files and then running it in-game.

Time Trials Mode: Show Staff Ghosts [Ralf]
  1. First, turn on the above ar code by Ralf from here
  2. This will ensure that the staff ghost is visible without having to "unlock" it.
  3. Then, play a round of time trials. Make sure that the staff ghost stays on the course for the entire duration of the course.

Another method is to use MKDD Ghost Info and Dolphin Lua Core by SwareJonge to replay the ghost. See Replaying Ghost Files for more information.