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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Plus
Author: That1loser4
Version: v2.0
Date of latest version: 2024-04-14
Editors Used: MKDD Track Editor, mkdd-collision, SuperBMD, Blender, GCFT, pyisotools, GeckoLoader
Download: MEGA


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Plus is a retro track distribution created by That1loser4.

This is a mod for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with 48 Retro Courses and 18 Retro Battle Courses added as well as 200cc.



Content Needed

  • ISO of MKDD
  • pyisotools

Install Guide

Click the MEGA link above to go to the mod download

Download the "Patchfiles" Folder

NOTE: If you just want the track files to use on MKDD Extender. Download the "Tracks I Made" Folder. Not Required

Next, Extract the MKDD game files

  • Open pyisotools
  • Go to Files > Open ISO and open the MKDD ISO
  • Right Click "root" on the right
  • Click "Extract ISO to..."

Save the Game Files anywhere you want. This will create a folder called "root" with the game files inside.

Next, go to the Pathfiles Folder and copy the "files" and "sys" folders.

Then, go to your MKDD game root and paste the "files and "sys" folders there.

Once the files are pasted, go into the "files" folder and delete "Course", "CourseName", and "StaffGhosts"

After you have pasted the files in, go back to pyisotools and go to File > Open Root and select the "root" folder.

FOR NINTENDONT USERS: I have seen that the game doesn't work unless the Maker Code and Name are changed so change those if using Nintendont/USB Loader GX

'OPTIONAL: You can upload the Banner.png image to replace the vanilla banner.

Once that's done you can go back to File > Build and it will build the ISO for you.

Now you're done and ready to play!


Tracks / Credits

Wave 1

Tracks Creator
SNES Mario Circuit 1 That1loser4
DS Cheep Cheep Beach Majas de pic
N64 Kalimari Desert ExxitZero
GBA Bowser Castle 1 That1loser4
DS Shroom Ridge Casini Loogi
N64 Choco Mountain Casini Loogi
SNES Ghost Valley 2 That1loser4, King Boo Gaming
3DS Music Park That1loser4
N64 Sherbet Land That1loser4
DS Tick-Tock Clock That1loser4
3DS Piranha Plant Slide That1loser4
GP Snow Panic That1loser4
Wii Moonview Highway King Boo Gaming
GBA Lakeside Park That1loser4
DS Bowser Castle That1loser4
N64 Rainbow Road That1loser4
SNES Battle Course 1 That1loser4
N64 Big Donut That1loser4
DS Nintendo DS Retrostyle12
GBA Battle Course 4 That1loser4
Wii Block Plaza That1loser4
3DS Sherbet Rink That1loser4

Wave 2

Tracks Creator
GBA Peach Circuit tarsa129
DS Yoshi Falls That1loser4
Wii Luigi Circuit Atlas
3DS Daisy Hills That1loser4
3DS Mario Circuit ExxitZero, Geras
Wii Coconut Mall King Boo Gaming, Pao yeez
GBA Sky Garden ExxitZero
DS Waluigi Pinball That1loser4
GBA Snow Land That1loser4
SNES Choco Island 2 That1loser4
N64 Wario Stadium That1loser4
3DS Neo Bowser City That1loser4
3DS DK Jungle That1loser4
N64 Banshee Boardwalk ExxitZero
GBA Bowser Castle 4 That1loser4
SNES Rainbow Road That1loser4
N64 Skyscraper That1loser4
Wii Funky Stadium Bruh de la Boi
3DS Wuhu Town That1loser4
GBA Battle Course 2U That1loser4
SNES Battle Course 2 That1loser4
DS Tart Top ThijsFire

Wave 3

Tracks Creator
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach That1loser4
SNES Mario Circuit 2 That1loser4
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar ExxitZero
Wii Mushroom Gorge cristian64
GP Waluigi Stadium That1loser4
Wii Mario Circuit That1loser4
SNES Donut Plains 2 That1loser4
GBA Boo Lake That1loser4
DS DK Pass That1loser4
GBA Yoshi Desert That1loser4
Wii Koopa Cape That1loser4
SNES Bowser Castle 3 That1loser4
DS Peach Gardens Geras
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 Casini Loogi
3DS Bowser's Castle That1loser4
Wii Rainbow Road That1loser4
DS Palm Shore That1loser4
Wii Delfino Pier That1loser4
N64 Double Deck Retrostyle12
GBA Battle Course 1 That1loser4
SNES Battle Course 4 That1loser4
3DS Honeybee Hive That1loser4


v2.0 (24-04-14)

  • 16 New Retro Track.
  • 6 New Retro Battle Tracks.
  • Updated Logo during the Demo.
  • Remade SNES Mario Circuit 1.
  • Remade N64 Rainbow Road.
  • Remade SNES Choco Island 2.
  • Remade N64 Wario Stadium.
  • Added Lighting to Various Tracks.
  • Added Tiki Pilot Ship to 3DS DK Jungle.
  • Re-Added Pillar Shortcut to 3DS DK Jungle.
  • Replaced Trees in GBA Battle Course 4 with Peach Trees.
  • Updated Snowmen in Various Tracks.
  • Updated Textures in 3DS Neo Bowser City.
  • Updated SNES Choco Island 2 Minimap.
  • Updated Various Track Images.
  • Updated GBA Battle Course 4 Track Logo.
  • Updated GBA Battle Course 2U Track Logo.
  • Updated Cannon Launch in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Removed Some objects from Bob-Omb Blast.
  • Removed Fog from 3DS Sherbet Rink.
  • Reduced Slowness of Snow in GBA Snow Land.
  • Widened Block Platforms in DS Bowser Castle.
  • Fixed Collision Issues in 3DS Neo Bowser City.
  • Fixed Enemy Path Issue in 3DS DK Jungle.
  • Fixed Object Mask Issue in 3DS Sherbet Rink.
  • Fixed GeoSplash Issue in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Fixed GeoSplash Issue in GBA Battle Course 4.
  • Fixed Lighting Issues in 3DS Neo Bowser City.

v1.1.1 (24-03-22)

  • Fixed Course Image alpha settings
  • Updated Enemy Paths in Various Tracks.
  • Updated Checkpoints in SNES Mario Circuit 1.
  • Updated Checkpoints in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Updated N64 Rainbow Road Minimap.
  • Updated 3DS Neo Bowser City Minimap.
  • Added Course Images for other Languages to DS Bowser Castle.
  • Added Course Images for other Languages to SNES Battle Course 2.

v1.1 (24-03-21)

  • Added Installation Guide Text File.
  • Updated DS Waluigi Pinball to the Mario Kart 7 Version.
  • Added Boos to SNES Ghost Valley 2. [Courtesy of King Boo Gaming]
  • Replaced Shy Guys in Various Tracks with Penguins.
  • Replaced Piranha Plants in SNES Choco Island 2 with Grounded Variants.
  • Updated Collision Data in Various Tracks
  • Updated Enemy Paths in Various Tracks.
  • Updated Tick-Tock Clock Skybox.
  • Updated DS Waluigi Pinball's Minimap.
  • Renamed GP Diamond City to GP Snow Panic
  • Added Fence Posts in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Removed Ramp in 3DS Music Park Grass Shortcut.
  • Removed Boost ramp at the end of SNES Ghost Valley 2.
  • Removed Fencing inside Cannon in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Added More Item Boxes to DS Waluigi Pinball.
  • Fixed Arrow Sign Speed in DS Tick-Tock Clock.
  • Fixed Texture Errors in DS Tick-Tock Clock.

v1.0 (24-03-12)

  • First Release