Viewing BMD Files

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This article will compare and contrast a variety of tools commonly used to view .bmd files.

Caption text
Software Author Platform Animation Support Additional Features Additional Notes
J3dView Yoshi2 Windows
  • File types: .bck, .btp, .btk, .bpk
  • FPS: 30
  • Assumes all tangents are 0
Texture hacking Cannot load vanilla driver.bmd files
J3dModelViewer LordNed Windows
  • File types: .bck, .btk, .brk
  • FPS: 60
  • May assume loop mode is "Loop"
Gives additional info about a loaded model / animations -
bmdview2 thakis Windows
  • File types: .bck, .btp
  • FPS: 20
  • .bmd -> .3ds conversion
  • Texture dumping (to .tga)
  • Can give info about a loaded model
Requires installation and will become the default program for .bmd files
DouBOL Dash shibboleet Windows None None Not dedicated to viewing .bmd files magcius Browser None Disable texture / vertex colors -

The most common programs used are J3dView and J3dModelViewer. J3dView's texture hacking capabilities are often very useful.